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Finestar Jewellery Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.

Finestar Jewellery Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.

Company Information

Company Name: Finestar Jewellery Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.
Company Address: DC6010, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Pin: 400051
Phone: 2266639999
Website: www.finestardiamonds.com
LinkedIn: None
Facebook: None
Brief Description: We create products that consumers value for their inspirational design and uncompromising quality. We are committed to improving processes, continuously investing in the best technology and developing an expert workforce. This means we can manufacture the highest quality polished diamond and jewellery products whilst creating costs advantages.

We employ talented and seasoned product design teams in each of our main consumer markets. These teams use their deep understanding of local consumer needs and analysis developing trends to create fresh, creative designs.

Nature of Organization

Diamond Broker: No
Diamond Dealer: No
Diamond Manufacturer: No
Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer: No
Diamond Jewellery Retailer: No
Deal in Natural Diamonds: No
Deal in Lab Grown Diamonds: No
Wholesaler: No

Dealing in:
Certified Diamonds: Yes
Non-Certified Diamonds: No
Providing Types of Cuts:
Round: Yes
Fancy: Yes
Colors you deal in:
White: Yes
Brown: No
Fancy: No
Sizes you deal in:
+11: No
-11: No
Pointers you provide:
-1Ct: No
+1Ct: Yes
+3Ct: Yes

Contact Person Information

Contact Person: Vivek V Nair
Designation: authorised representative
Mobile: 9321217066