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Exhibitor Registration Form

Dear Exhibitor Prospect,
Online registration is now closed.
However, on-the-spot registrations are available at the venue.
For more details contact us on Email on [email protected] or call Mr. Kersi on +91-9136932296.

Company Information

Nature of Organization

You Deal in:
Types of Cuts provide:
Colors you deal in:
Sizes you deal in:
Pointers you provide:

Contact Person Information

Terms and Conditions:

Please read carefully

We hereby agree and undertake and covenant that:

  • All Communication through Email Only
  • We have fully read, understood and agreed to abide by the participation Guidelines & Term, Rule and as Regulations as mentioned.
  • We shall have and maintain a valid and adequate insurance cover during the exhibition, by having our goods adequately insured and have BDB as co-assured in our insurance policy. We further acknowledge and agree that BDB shall not accept any right of recourse by us or our insurers.
  • We shall not hold BDB responsible for any sundry charges or other payments as set out in the terms, rules and regulations overleaf including any direct or indirect loss or damage to which we may be subjected as a result of our sole business decisions.
  • We shall indemnify and keep BDB indemnified, safe and harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, loss or damages including incidental costs which BDB may incur or sustain as a consequence of any claim, demand, action or proceedings by any persons in respect of such claims and that such indemnity shall remain in force and effect until extinction of such claim or action.
  • We shall guarantee and/or certify the authenticity/purity/Quality of the loose diamonds/ Lab grown diamonds exhibited in the show and indemnify BDB from and/or against any and all claims/mis-declarations in this regards.
  • We further agree and undertake to indemnify and keep BDB indemnified from any and all patent violations, claims, lawsuit and such other liabilities to which BDB may be subjected in this regard under the applicable Indian & International laws.
  • We shall indemnify and keep BDB indemnified, safe and harmless from any claims/liabilities of any nonclearance of the goods by Customs due to inadequacy of papers/documents/declarations provided by us and agree & acknowledge that BDB shall not be party to any dispute with any taxes on leaves like GST, Income Tax, Customs Etc. Departments and/or with any local or central laws which are applicable and/or enforced on us.
  • We hereby further agree that BDB reserves the right to forfeit our participation fee/costs and debar us from participating in the present and future international exhibitions to be facilitated by BDB jointly with members pursuant to the relevant provision herein.
  • The Participation Costs are not refundable.
  • BDB is authorized to appropriate the Initial Deposit for the expense and in the manner and under the circumstances set-out in the terms & conditions.
  • BDB has the sole right and discretion to refuse/reject any application.
  • Stall Space will be allotted at the sole discretion of BDB, as decided by the BDB Committee depending on the availability of space/Stall
  • BDB reserves the right to cancel the space allotted to Exhibitor(s) at any time even after allotment of space, without giving any reason of cancellation and the exhibitor shall not have any right or claim against BDB, including refund of the participation costs.
  • Once applied for stall/s of a particular section the same cannot be changed for any other stall/s at any other section.
  • BDB has the right to temporarily or permanently close down the show for whatsoever reason that BDB may deem fit or required under the circumstances prevailing at the time of taking such decisions and we shall not raise any objection or claim as regards the same.
  • We shall pay all the applicable taxes or levies or duties as and when applicable or demanded by BDB or any taxes that may be imposed by the relevant authorities with respect to the Participation cost to BDB shall be borne by us.
  • Special Section will be provided for:
    • Natural Diamonds
    • Lab Grown/ Synthetic Diamonds
    • Jewellery & Gem Stones
  • That we have read carefully all the terms and conditions set-out by BDB and have understood them or their implications before enrolling and signing this application.
  • All information provided by us in this Application and contract form are true and correct.
  • I agree to receive cancellation of my participation.
  • Total Booth Cost: (A) Old Participants: 1,25,000 - 25000 (Old Participation Discount) + 18% GST = 1,18,000/-
  • Total Booth Cost: (B) New Participants: 1,50,000 + 18% GST = 1,77,000/-
  • All the Applications along with cheque have to be submitted at BDB Member Relations Office.
  • Payments will be only accepted by CHEQUE ONLY.
Contact Person Details for Exhibitors:
Point of Contact: Mr. Sanjay Gupta
Contact Details: +91 7738897215/8898001439
Email ID: [email protected]
Point of Contact: Mr. Kersi Bhesania
Contact Details: 9136932296 / 022 33921509
Email ID: [email protected]

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