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a) All Participants are required to commit and fully support Code of Ethics (ISC), Participants who intentionally or knowingly violate any provision of the ISC will be subject to action, which may result in debarring from the exhibitions.

b) All information provided by us in this Application and contract form are true and correct.

c) The entry into the Exhibition is subject to scrutiny and registration can be cancelled with notification and monetary refund, subject to sole decision taken by BDB.

d) We hereby further agree that BDB reserves the right to forfeit our participation fee/costs and debar us from participating in the present and future exhibitions to be facilitated by BDB jointly with members pursuant to the relevant provision herein.

e) BDB have sole right and discretion to refuse/reject any application.

f) That BDB has the right to temporarily or permanently close down the show for whatsoever reason that BDB may deem fit or required under the circumstances prevailing at the time of taking such decisions.

g) That we have read carefully all the terms and conditions set-out by BDB and have understood them or their implications before enrolling and signing this application.
I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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