Exhibitor List Bharat Diamond Week – 3 
Sr. No. Office Name Authorized
Telephone No Email ID
1 AK Exports Arun Kumar Agrawal 022 2364 9922 aka103a@gmail.com
2 Anand
Chirag Vaghani 022 2363 8508 chirag@anandintl.com
3 Ankit Gems Pvt
Jinesh Jain  022 4354 8800  jinesh.jain@ankitgems.com
4 Arjiv Exports Rajesh H Moradia 022 2363 0651 arjiv_export@yahoo.co.in
5 Ashirwad Gems Bhavesh Lukhi ashirwaddiamond@yahoo.com
6 Ashish Diamonds
C/O.Vrajlal & Co.
Ashish M Mehta 022 2364 0095 luxury@vrajlal.com
7 Ashwin
Manish D Shah 022 2369 0282 sales@ashwindiam.com
8 Bothra &
Shreyans Bothra 022 4010 8777 shreyans_bothra@hotmail.com
9 D Navinchandra
Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Dhimant Shah 022 6607 6000 dhimant@dnavin.com
10 Dassani
Surendra Dassani 022 2386 2915 dassanibrothers@gmail.com
11 Dev
Samir L Shah 022 6166 9900 devdiamonds@hotmail.com
12 Diamille Kunal N Mehta 022 2675 4065 office@diamille.com
13 Finestar
Jewellery & Diamonds Pvt Ltd
Vinod Kumar Jain 022 6663 9999 nirmalanair@finestardiamonds.com
14 Glaze Diam
Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.
Ajay Rasiklal
022 2369 0081 glazediam@gmail.com
15 Golank Diamonds Deepak Jain 022 2363 3336 golank_diamonds@yahoo.co.in
16 Janam
Corporation Pvt Ltd
Chirag Parikh 022 4032 7373 marketing@janamcorp.com
17 JB &
Brothers Pvt. Ltd.
Sunil Kumar
022 4034 2222 sunil.gupta@jbbrothers.com
18 Jewelex India
Pvt Ltd
Nishit Shah 022 4351 1100  nishit.shah@jewelexgroup.com
19 Kakadiam  Jagdish Bhai
022 4004 7825 kakadiyabrothers.mumbai@gmail.com
20 Karan Gems Karan Amit
21 Karan Gems Karan Amit
22 Ketan Brothers
Diamondz Exports
Jay Parikh 022 4356 3000 bhavin@ketanbrothers.com
23 Laxmi Diamond
Pvt Ltd 
Ashok Kumar
022 4050 2222 dipen@laxmidiamond.com
24 M Suresh Company
Pvt. Ltd.
Jignesh Adani 022 2675 6010 shaishav@msureshco.com
25 MK Impex co Nirav VP Kothari 022 4274 5227 gauravkothari1@hotmail.com
26 Mohit Diamonds
Pvt Ltd
022 2672 5757 kumaraditya@mohitdiamonds.com
27 Neptune Diamonds
Pvt Ltd 
Sudhir P Chawla 022 2363 9299 neptunediam@gmail.com
28 Param
Dharmesh P.
022 2369 0074 info@paramexports.in
29 Poddar Diamond
Umesh Poddar 022 4034 5678 info@poddardiamonds.com
30 Popatlal
Nathalal Shah
Nirav A Shah 022 4249 1111 nirav@pnshah.com
31 Precigem kaushik Mehta 022 2369 2623 kaushikmehta@precigem.com
32 R. Rajesh
Hiren Gajera 022 4075 7575 info.mumbai@rrajesh.co
33 RAMBHAJO’S Anil Toshniwal 022 2369 2258 mumba@rambhajo.com
34 Rasiklal B Shah Pratish Shah 022 3392 8831 prshah907@gmail.com
35 Rishabh Gems/ DG
Tanmay Girish
022 6725 4000 info@dgexport.com
36 Royal Diam Ajit Dugar 022 2361 1056 royal_diam@hotmail.com
37 Sam Export Swastik Dawande 022 4026 1000 samexport123@gmail.com
38 Samarth Diamond Piyush Patel 022 2364 1590 info@samarthdiamond.com
39 Saumil Diamond Saumil Bhansali 022 2364 0027 sales@saumildiamond.com
40 Sejal Exports
Parin Sevantilal
022 4043 1111 sejalexports301@hotmail.com
41 Shairu Gems
Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.
Deep Y Shah 022 4050 5050  ross@shairugems.net 
42 Shine Forever
Devang Shah 022 2877 8516 shineforeverdiamonds@gmail.com
43 Shivam Jewels Ashwin Dulhabhai
022 4020 3333 account@sj.world
44 Shubham Gems Ashish Patel 022 3392 6300 ashishpatel.2577@gmail.com
45 Singh
Prateek Kankaria 022 2675 4675 info@singhdiamonds.com
46 SNJ Diam  Viral
022 4241 7400 account@snjdiam.com
47 Star
Mehul Shah 022 2361 1234 starbrillian809@gmail.com
48 Star
Mehul Shah 022 2361 1234 starbrillian809@gmail.com
49 Star Rays Jitendra Shah 022 4030 4444 account@starrays.com
50 Surbhi Gems Rajesh
Jivrajbhai Khunt
022 6127 8680 surbjigems1998@yahoo.com
51 Swet Gems Samir Kumar G.
022 2672 1400 swetgems@gmail.com
52 Thumar Gems Bhavin Thummar 022 6722 2222 info@thumargems.com
53 Vega Jeweldiam
Pvt. Ltd.
Girdharlal Shah
022 4355 4200 rahul.shah@vega.in
54 Venu Diamond Ajay Kumar
022 3392 7966 ajayjanak@hotmail.com
55 Venus Gems Sambhav Mehta 022 2675 6750 venus.group@hotmail.com
56 Venus Jewel Keval Sheth  022 2672 0000 marketing@venusjewel.com
57 Venus Jewel Keval Sheth  022 2672 0000 marketing@venusjewel.com
58 Viral Corporation/L.K. Impex Pvt. Ltd. Viral Ashok Shah 022 2368 1374 vcorp96@gmail.com
59 Yamuna
Tushar Ukani 022 3392 3959 yamuna232@yahoo.com
60 YUG Impex Rajesh
Manjibhavi Goti
022 4015 0276 yugimpex31@yahoo.com
61 GIA Nirupa Bhatt  022 4085 1561 nirane@gia.edu
62 GIA Nirupa
022 4085 1561 nirane@gia.edu
63 Malca Amit JK
Gaurang Popat 022 2654 4717 shubha.ind@malca-amit.com 
64 Heera Jhaverat Reena Shukla +91 9320055599 reena@heerazhaveraat.com
022 33927628 info@giionline.com
66 IDEX Yaron
022 61273333 yaron.barzilay@idexonline.com>
67 IGI Pinkey Jalui NA pinky@igi.org


Russian Consul-General, ALROSA Official To Open Bharat Diamond Week

Russian Consul-General Andrei Zhiltsov and Director of ALROSA’s United Selling Organisation Evgeny Agureev are slated to formally open the second edition of the Bharat Diamond Week (BDW), the polished diamond fair organised by the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), which begins on Monday.

“We are delighted that Consul General Zhiltsov and USO Director Agureev have graciously agreed to join us for the ceremonial opening of the diamond show,” said BDB Vice-President Mehul Shah, who heads the BDW project. “ALROSA is an extremely important supplier of rough goods to the Indian diamond industry, which is by far the world’s largest diamond manufacturing centre.”

BDB President Anoop Mehta said, “It is not by chance that the second edition of the Bharat Diamond Week is to be opened by these important gentlemen. India is the largest purchaser of Russian goods which are critical for Indian manufacturers. We have excellent relations with Russia, and especially with ALROSA which recognises the importance of the Indian diamond market.”

He added that the finishing touches were being put to the diamond fair where 120 Indian polished diamonds companies will be exhibiting a wide range of goods in all shapes, colours and sizes. The BDB has provided 100 free flight tickets for selected buyers to create more sales opportunities for the exhibitors.

The buyers who have been selected are from Turkey, Thailand and India. The bourse will also be providing 150 rooms for international buyers at a hotel close to the BDB. More than 750 visitors from India and overseas have already registered for the show. Read More

Bharat Diamond Week Looks To Fill Gaps After Typhoon Cut Short HK Show

The October 8-10 Bharat Diamond Week is set to welcome many representatives of diamond and jewellery companies who were planning to visit the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair but had to cut short or cancel due to Typhoon Mangkhut, which battered Hong Kong. The typhoon led to the closure a day early of the initial part of the show dedicated to loose diamonds at the Asia-World venue.

Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) Vice-President Mehul Shah, who heads the Bharat Diamond Week project, said, “Since the typhoon struck, we have been contacted by many diamond buyers who were intending to visit the Hong Kong show. They had to readjust their plans because they were unable to visit exhibitors on their lists.”

He added, “The Hong Kong fair is a vital one for the global diamond industry, especially in the run-up to the final quarter of the year and the holiday sale season. We are delighted to be able to serve as a venue to fill their diamond requests.”

BDB President Anoop Mehta said, “We have seen registration for the Bharat Diamond Week increase following the unfortunate events in Hong Kong earlier this month. It appears that many buyers did not have the time to make all the visits necessary as they brought forward their flights or were stuck in hotels waiting out the typhoon. We also heard many reports of other buyers, including many Indian colleagues, who cancelled their travel plans due to the approach of Typhoon Mangkhut.”

More than 500 visitors from India and overseas have already registered for the second edition of the Bharat Diamond Week which takes place at the Bharat Diamond Bourse, with the final figure expected to be in excess of 1,000. The inaugural show, held from April 23-25, was attended by more than 1,000 visitors from India and across the world who did business with 100 Indian exhibitors of polished goods.

Among the changes introduced for the fair next month are 100 free flight tickets for selected buyers to create more sales opportunities for the 120 Indian polished diamonds companies who will be exhibiting at the show. The buyers who have been selected are from Turkey, Thailand and India. The bourse will also be providing 150 rooms for international buyers at a hotel close to the show grounds.

Shah said that a new feature at the October fair will be on site facilities for checking for diamonds created using the Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) method. “It is critical for our business that consumer confidence in our products remains intact. This is absolutely paramount. Consequently, we will have a display of equipment for the detection of such stones so that diamantaires can see the equipment available, how straightforward it is to operate, and the financial outlay involved,” Shah said.

Taking place shortly before the start of the Diwali festival, the polished diamond event is expected to provide competitively priced diamonds for visitors.

Millennials, Gen Z Dominate Diamond Buying: De Beers Insight Report 

The Millennial and Gen Z generations combined accounted for two-thirds of global diamond jewellery sales in 2017, as diamond jewellery demand reached a new record high of $82 billion, according to data published today by De Beers Group in its latest Diamond Insight Report.

Millennials, those people currently aged 21 to 39, represent 29 per cent of the world’s population and are the current largest group of diamond consumers. They accounted for almost 60 per cent of diamond jewellery demand in the US in 2017 and nearly 80 per cent in China.

Gen Z, those currently aged up to 20, is an even larger consumer generation , representing 35 per cent of the world’s population and will come of age as diamond consumers over the coming decades. Despite the generation being a long way from financial maturity, Gen Z is already making its presence felt in the diamond market, with the oldest Gen Z consumers (those currently aged 18 to 20) acquiring five per cent of all diamond jewellery pieces in the US last year.

The report highlights key similarities and differences between Millennials and Gen Z as a result of their life experiences that have particular implications for diamond brands and retailers. For example, Millennials are in general more mistrusting, requiring brands to earn their trust before they can pursue growth, while Gen Z tend to be more individualistic and optimistic, desiring products that help build their own personal brands. Read More

Indian Industry To Launch International Campaign At Hong Kong Show 

The Indian gem and jewellery industry is launching its international promotional campaign at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, said the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC).

GJEPC Chairman Pramod Agarwal commented, “Hong Kong has been India’s largest export market, with 33 percent of the country’s $42 billion in gem and jewellery exports directed there. India exported $10 billion in polished diamonds and $973.4 million in gold jewellery to Hong Kong. It has also become a promising for Indian coloured gemstone exports, while Indian jewellery exports to Hong Kong are on the rise.” Read More


ALROSA Jan-Aug Rough Sales $3.3B; Sees Moderate Growth For 2018

ALROSA reported that it sold rough diamonds worth $283.2 million in August this year. It also sold $11.7 million in polished, achieving a total of $294.9 million in sales for the month — a 14 percent growth in a year-on-year comparison.

The Russian miner said its rough diamond sales total for January-August 2018 stood at $3.26 billion, while it also sold $67 million in polished over the period. Read More


De Beers Provisionally Sells $505M In Cycle 7; Sees Stable Demand

De Beers announced that it had provisionally sold $505 million worth of rough  diamonds in its seventh sales cycle of this year. This compares with the $507 million actually sold in the seventh sales cycle of 2017.

De Beers also said that its actual sales figures for the sixth cycle this year now stand at $533 million. Read More




India Stays An Assured Supply Source As US-China Trade War Heats Up

As the ongoing trade war between the United States and China heats up, stakeholders in the gem and jewellery industry in both countries are looking at either a disruption in supplies or the blocking of access to clients, along with a dizzying uncertainty in prices.

US jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as large-format retailers who normally source their own raw materials for product ranges developed specifically for certain seasons, price points and geographic market locations, now are facing an uncertain business plan as product sourcing from China is under threat.

Many of the big-format retailers also have retail operations in China, as do several huge Chinese jewellery retail chains that cater to the domestic market in the mainland and in Hong Kong and Macau — which are frequented by mainland consumers looking for different styles and different price points.

India has remained relatively untouched by the trade war and threats of tariff barriers that even the EU now faces with regard to the US. Thus the world’s largest diamond processing centre is still free from supply disruptions and price oscillations.

This is something that the Bharat Diamond Bourse is highlighting as it readies to roll out the second edition of its Bharat Diamond Meet, slate to run between October 8 and 10. The most comprehensive product range at really competitive prices as the Indian industry readies to clear as much of its inventory as possible before the upcoming Diwali holidays.

The situation has come about because diamond processing output in India has not slowed down due to the uncertainties of the trade war, due to steady and growing domestic demand, that has acted as a buffer in this turbulent and tough business environment.

This domestic demand has been shaped by global trends, thanks to the impact of satellite television that has made deep inroads even into the most remote parts of the country. Given that this trend has a major global influence, the products being rolled out to meet are also the kind that many retailers in other geographic markets will recognise as been eminently saleable. And moving one step upstream from this, the diamond processing output has stayed in sync with this, offering product ranges at price points that jewellery manufacturers and retailers will find viable.

This is what seasoned buyers of Indian diamonds are looking forward to.

Competitive Pre-Diwali Prices At Bharat Diamond Week, Says BDB

The Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) in Mumbai said visitors to the second edition of the Bharat Diamond Week at the bourse, to take place from October 8 to 10, will benefit from competitive pre-Diwali prices. The BDB is expanding the scale of the polished diamond fair following the success of the first edition held from April 23-25 where in excess of 1,000 visitors from India and across the world did business with 100 Indian exhibitors of polished goods.

Bharat Diamond Bourse Vice-President Mehul Shah, who heads the Bharat Diamond Week project, said, “Since India is a huge manufacturing hub and the show is being held before Diwali, prices will be very competitive. Those buyers looking for pre-Diwali bargains will find it a highly attractive time to visit the show. With the Diwali festival starting in the beginning of November, traders will be looking to sell goods ahead of the closure of business for the holiday.”

BDB President Anoop Mehta said, “India is the manufacturing hub of the diamond world, so visiting the Bharat Diamond Week gives access to a complete range of inventory which you simply don’t see at other shows. I can say with total confidence that the show has many exhibitors who don’t participate in any other trade fairs so clients will have access to a whole new world of suppliers.”

Mehta said that the team working on the show are putting in place changes learned at the first edition of the fair held in April. “Our aim is to create optimum conditions for our many small and medium-size members. We aim to stage a show that will being them maximum benefit because they need help in a world of strong competition in order to show their goods to potential global clients.” He added that select buyers will again be given complimentary hotel rooms to encourage foreign buyers to attend.

Shah added that a new feature at the October fair will be on-site facilities for checking for diamonds created using the Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) method. “It is critical for our business that consumer confidence in our products remains intact. This is absolutely paramount. Consequently, we will have a display of equipment for the detection of such stones so that diamantaires can see the equipment available, how straightforward it is to operate, and the financial outlay involved.”

He added that October will be a busy month for the Bharat Diamond Bourse and the Indian diamond trade, with many members of the global diamond industry visiting Mumbai. “Following the Bharat Diamond Week, we will be holding a meeting of the World Diamond Council on October 22 which is being organised by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), and then we are hosting the World Diamond Congress from October 23 to 25. We are delighted to be able to hold the meetings here because it is critical that the global diamond industry meets every year to discuss the major issues affecting it. We will also be holding a Bharat Diamond Week in New York from October 29 to 31.”


WFDB, CIBJO Reiterate Unqualified Term ‘Diamond’ Refers To Mined Stone

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) passed a resolution at its recently concluded Asian Summit & Executive Committee meeting held in Vladivostok, reiterating that despite the recent ruling of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the WFDB would only support the definition of a diamond agreed upon last year by the WFDB, the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA), the World Jewellery Confederation CIBJO, the International Diamond Council and the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

WFDB President Ernie Blom stated, “We repeated our stance that the only definition of a diamond that we support is the one agreed upon last year by the WFDB, IDMA, CIBJO, the International Diamond Council and the International Standards Organisation.

The ISO definition of a diamond specifies: The denomination “diamond” without further specification always implies “natural diamond”. These two terms are equivalent and carry the same meaning.

CIBJO meanwhile, has released a special report prepared by its Diamond Commission headed by Udi Sheintal. The report concentrates largely on the way in which man-made stones are being distinguished from diamonds that are natural in origin, particularly in light of the newly released FTC guidelines.

“While the new FTC guides clearly recognise the synthetic diamond producers as fully-fledged participants in our industry, the bottom line when it comes to the unqualified use of the word ‘diamond’ has not changed,” writes Sheintal. “It can only refer to a mined stone.”

The report looks at a recently released article about the impact of De Beers’ imminent entry into the man-made diamond jewellery industry, which suggests that over time perceptible differences between the natural and synthetic diamond markets will dissipate, except possibly in the instance of a handful of larger natural diamonds.

Sheintal disagrees with the article’s premise, saying that it is up to the industry to create an identity for naturally-created goods that is different from those grown in a laboratory or factory.

“We now have to create a separate brand identity for diamonds mined in nature,” he writes. “This is a not an impossible exercise. A white cotton t-shirt can be bought in a supermarket for $5, or at a Ralph Lauren store for $70. The physical composition of the two products may be similar, but their legends are very different.”

He adds, “While the one is a generic product, the other is a luxury item backed by a sophisticated branding structure. Both are viable from a business perspective.”


Sr. No. Name Website
2 A.S.EXPORT www.asexport.com
3 AKSHAR IMPEX PVT. LTD. www.aksharimpex.com
4 AMAN GEM www.onlybrown.in
5 AMRUT GEMS www.amrutonline.in
6 ANAND INTERNATIONAL www.anandintl.com
7 ANKIT GEMS PRIVATE LIMITED www.ankitgems.com
8 ARJIV EXPORTS www.arjivexports.com
9 ASHA DIAMOND www.ashadiamond.in
11 ASIAN STAR DIAMONDS INTL.PVT.LTD. www.asianstargroup.com
14 BHARGOVI GEMS PVT. LTD. www.bhargovigems.com
15 Bothra & Co NA
17 D Ratna Exports NA
18 D. Diam www.ddiam.com
21 Dhadda Gems Ltd. NA
22 Diamille NA
23 Diasqua India Pvt. Ltd. www.diasqua.com
25 EXCEL OVERSEAS PVT. LTD. www.exceloverseas.com
26 FINESTAR JEWELLERY & DIAMONDS PVT.LTD. www.finestardiamonds.com
28 Gopal Gems www.gopalgems.com
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30 Harshid Exports NA
32 J.B. AND BROTHERS PVT.LTD. www.jbbrothers.com
33 JANAM CORPORATION PVT.LTD. www.janamcorp.com
34 JEWELEX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED www.jewelexgroup.com
35 JODHANI BROTHERS www.jodhanibrothers.com
36 K.B.GEMS www.kbgems.com
38 KARP IMPEX LTD. www.karpgroup.com
39 Ketan Brothers Diamondz Exports www.ketanbrothers.com
40 KP SANGHVI & SONS LLP www.kpsanghvi.com
41 Kumbh Gems NA
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Who can attend?

The Bharat Diamond Week is a trade only event for registered businesses in the diamond   industry. To be eligible to attend the Bharat Diamond Week, all visitors must meet minimum registration criteria outlined; any registrations that cannot provide the required documentation will not be accepted.

Please note, international visitors will be strictly reviewed. We are not required to validate    a declined application, and will not reverse a decisions following further enquiry.

Why should one attend?

  • Meet with current/new exhibitors.
  • Discover the product range.
  • Network.
  • Gauge the market trends.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibitions are the most cost effective and time efficient method for marketing your products and services, offering a personal and interactive environment to meet potential customers.

Exhibitions are:

  • A platform to market and promote your products and services.
  • A cost effective, focused environment for you to connect with new buyers and develop relationships with existing customers.
  • The opportunity to gain instant feedback and insight into the needs of your customers.
  • A unique way to generate leads and create a database of potential customers for future marketing.
  • The source of a qualified audience that has passed a stringent set of guidelines in order to attend.


After the First Successful Edition of Bharat Diamond Week, we are happy to announce that we are coming up with the Second Edition of the Bharat Diamond Week at Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai, India, from 8th – 10th October, 2018.

We take immense pleasure in inviting you and your members to attend the exhibition.  The event will have over 100 Indian Companies displaying polished diamonds to buyers from across the World.  Exhibitors will be offering a wide range of polished diamonds in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The key attraction of this exhibition are:

  • Connect to 4000members with International Client Base
  • Complimentary Hotel Stay* for select buyers
  • Making diamond business successful through BDB Platform
  • Complimentary on-site testing for CVD Diamonds

We assure you, that all participants will benefit whether small, medium or large. Do not miss out on this spectacular occasion! We will be pleased to see your presence at the exhibition.